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Additional Features

Additional Features

Additional Features

Super has a growing list of additional features that augment Notion's editing experience to be better suited for building websites.

Linked Images

You can make an image open a link by adding a URL to the Image's caption in Notion. The caption will be hidden on your Super site, and clicking the image will open the URL. Links to anything within your site will open in the same tab while external links will open in a new tab.

How to create a linked image

  1. Add an image to your page on Notion
  2. Click the caption button at the top right of the image
  3. Add a valid URL as the image caption

For example, clicking the image below will open our homepage:

Creating a linked image
Creating a linked image

Linked Collection Items

You can make it so that items in a collection open a link, this is great for gallery cards and lists where you might want to link to external sites. Here's how to do it:

  • Add a new property to your collection and give it the name: "super:Link"
  • Make sure the property type is "URL"
  • Include a valid URL as the property value
  • In the collection settings make sure that the new "super:Link" property is visible


Progressive web app

The Super dashboard is fully responsive, meaning it works seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and desktop. It's also optimized to work as a progressive web app (PWA).

Installing on iOS

  1. Visit the Super dashboard on your iPhone or iPad in Safari
  2. Press the share icon at the bottom of Safari
  3. Press "Add to Home Screen". Below is a view of how this could look on iOS
  4. image
  5. Wait a couple seconds for all assets to load onto your phone or tablet's home screen as a bookmarked web app.

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