SEO options

SEO options

SEO options

Super sites have been fully optimized for SEO.


Your Super site comes with a lot of SEO optimizations right out of the box , these include:

  • Sitemaps (generated from pages you add to Super)
  • Title (from Notion page title)
  • Description (from first Text, Quote or H3 block on a page or description of a database page)
  • Image (from Notion page cover)
  • Site language
  • robots.txt (can disable search engine indexing)
  • OG tags for social sharing


You can disable search engine indexing from the "Options" page in the site editor. See the Site Options page.

Default SEO settings

Your Super site will have some SEO settings by default and these are set using the specific areas below unless you override them with custom settings.

SEO title: Notion page title

SEO Description: The first h3 block, text block or quote block on the page

SEO Image: Notion page cover


You can check how your SEO settings translate to meta tags using this tool.

Per-page settings

SEO and social sharing tags can be overridden on a per page basis. You can override the defaults by clicking "Edit SEO settings" or the globe icon on a page row in the "Pages" page.


For tips on how to improve your site's SEO, check out our guide here.

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