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Site options

Site options

Site options

Super provides basic customization options for your site in the 'Options' page of the site editor.

Site languages and RTL support

Super has RTL support available for certain languages of the world (Arabic, Hebrew etc.) that are RTL, meaning they are read right-to-left, instead of left-to-right.

Adding a favicon for the site

A favicon is the small icon that appears in the tab of your browser whilst someone is viewing your site and alongside your site name when someone bookmarks your site.

Disabling search engine indexing

Disabling search engine indexing will ask search engines like Google or DuckDuckGo not to crawl your site. This is useful if you would not like your site to appear in search results.

Enabling database page properties

This option allows you to make database properties visible on your site so they appear as though they would in Notion.

Enabling site search

Super sites have an option search feature which will display a small search icon on the top right of your site. This gives users the ability to search for pages within your site.

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