Template Starter Kit

Template Starter Kit

Template Starter Kit

The Template Starter Kit is a great introduction to customizing a Super site with minimal code knowledge. You can customize colors, sizes and more.

The following code snippet will work on any Super site, but we recommend trying it out with our Template Starter page so that you can see how it affects all blocks. Duplicate the Template Starter page to your own Notion Workspace to get started.

Using the Starter Kit
Using the Starter Kit

Getting Started

  1. Create a Super site with the Template Starter page
  2. Then open up your site settings page (cog icon)
  3. Next open the Code page
  4. In the Head tab, paste the Starter Kit Snippet (below)
  5. Change the values in the code to see live changes in the preview


  • Each section in the code has a /* comment */ explaining what the code does
  • Each line in the code looks like this --variable-name: value!important;
  • For example, the top variable is —-max-width and the value is 900px!important;
  • Give it a try by changing the value to 500px!important;
  • That's it! ⚡️ If you have issues you can always delete the code and start over

Starter Kit Snippet

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://sites.super.so/docs/template-starter/base.css">
  :root {
  /* Width of content */
  --max-width: 900px!important;

  /* Column Spacing (Spacing between columns) */
  --column-spacing: 46px;

  /* Hide Notion Header (Page title, icon and cover) */
  --notion-header-display: block!important;

	/* Top Spacing (If you remove the Notion header, change to '20px' or more) */
  --top-spacing: 0px!important;

  /* Hide collection/database titles */
  --collection-header-display: flex!important;

  /* Collection top border (set to 0 to hide) */
  --collection-header-border: 1px solid var(--color-border-dark)!important;

  /* Super Navbar CTA Button */
  --cta-padding: 14px 16px!important;
  --cta-border-radius: 5px!important;
  --cta-border: none!important;
  --cta-shadow: none!important;

  /* Callouts */
  --callout-padding: 16px 16px 16px 12px!important;
  --callout-margin: 2px 0px 4px 0px!important;
  --callout-border: 1px solid var(--color-border-default)!important;
  --callout-border-radius: 3px!important;
  --callout-shadow: 0!important;
  --callout-icon-size: 18px!important;
  --callout-emoji-size: 18px!important;

  /* Collections */
  /* List */
  --collection-list-item-border-radius: 4px!important;
  --collection-list-item-padding: 1px 4px!important;

  /* Spacing between gallery cards */
  --collection-gallery-gap: 16px!important;

  /* Collection Card */
  --collection-card-border-radius: 3px!important;
  --collection-card-border: 0!important;
  --collection-card-shadow: 0 0 0 1px hsl(0deg 0% 6% / 10%), 0 2px 4px hsl(0deg 0% 6% / 10%)!important;
  --collection-card-cover-size-small: 172px!important;
  --collection-card-cover-size-medium: 260px!important;
  --collection-card-cover-size-large: 320px!important;

  /* Spacing inside table collections */
  --table-padding: 6px 8px!important;

  /* Pill */
  --notion-pill-padding: 0px 6px!important;
  --notion-pill-margin: 3px 0px!important;
  --notion-pill-border-radius: 3px!important;
  --notion-pill-text-size: 14px!important;

  /* Rounded edges on images */
  --image-border-radius: 0px!important;

  /* Divider block */
  --divider-margin: 8px 0px!important;
  --divider-opacity: 1!important;

  /* Typography */
  /* heading 1 block font size and weight */
  --h1-size: 1.875rem!important;
  --h1-weight: 700!important;

  /* heading 2 block font size and weight */
  --h2-size: 1.5rem!important;
  --h2-weight: 600!important;

  /* heading 3 block font size and weight */
  --h3-size: 1.25rem!important;
  --h3-weight: 700!important;

	/* code font size */
  --code-size: 1rem!important;

  /* Quote block font size */
  --quote-size: 1.2em!important;

  /* Colors (Use RGB Values) */
  --color-default: 55, 53, 47!important;
  --color-white: 255, 255, 255!important;
  --color-gray: 155, 154, 151!important;
  --color-brown: 100, 71, 58!important;
  --color-orange: 217, 115, 13!important;
  --color-yellow: 223, 171, 1!important;
  --color-green: 15, 123, 108!important;
  --color-blue: 11, 110, 153!important;
  --color-purple: 105, 64, 165!important;
  --color-pink: 173, 26, 114!important;
  --color-red: 225, 62, 62!important;

  /* UI Colors */
  --color-ui-hover-bg: rgba(55, 53, 47, 0.08)!important;
  --color-ui-hover-bg-light: rgba(55, 53, 47, 0.03)!important;
  --color-card-bg: rgb(255, 255, 255)!important;
  --color-border-default: rgba(235, 236, 237, 0.8)!important;
  --color-border-dark: rgba(55, 53, 47, 0.16)!important;