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Using a template

Using a template

Using a Template

Templates offer a fully customized site design, there’s a few steps to getting them setup correctly


1. Duplicating the template

The first step to setting up a custom template is to duplicate it to your own Notion workspace. Templates on our Marketplace will have duplicate button on the installation instructions.

  1. Click the Duplicate button provided with the template
  2. Then, at the top right of the Notion page click Duplicate
  3. If prompted, log in to Notion and choose a workspace
  4. Templates can take a few minutes to duplicate
  5. Then you should see it appear in your Notion Sidebar.

2. Getting the Notion Share URL

Then, once you’ve got the template in your own Notion workspace you need to get the Notion Share URL so Super can transform it into a website.

  1. Open the page you just duplicated in Notion
  2. At the top right, click share and toggle the Share to web button
  3. Then, create a site on Super using the URL that you just copied (Learn how to do that here)

3. Installing the template code snippet

The final step to getting your template setup is to include the template code snippet in your site settings.

  1. Copy the code snippet from the template instructions
  2. Head to your site settings on Super (cog icon)
  3. Open the Code page and paste to code snippet at the top of the Head tab

Template support

If you run into any issues with a template you have purchased you must contact the template provider directly for support. If a template provider is not responding to your requests, please contact Super support.

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