Site theme

Site theme

Site theme

The font and colors used on your site can be customized with just a few clicks.


In the "Theme" page of the site editor (cog icon) you can choose a font from a list of Google fonts to be used on your site. Super sites come optimized for these fonts to ensure quick loading times.

Color theme

A list of color themes can also be accessed from the "Theme" page. The options include Notion's default and dark mode themes as well as some of our own. We'll be adding more options and themes here soon. If you don't like the theme's offered or want to make your own you can customize your colors through custom code. See Custom code for more.


A customizable navbar can be added to your site from the "Theme" page. By default the standard Notion navbar is used which includes breadcrumbs. Custom navbars come in three styles:

  • Simple (links on right)
  • Balanced (links in middle)
  • Minimal (links always in overflow/popup menu)

After selecting a custom navbar you can customize its links, call to action, colors, logo and shadow.


Want to customise your site even more? Check out the Creating a template page

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